About Cam


Hello, it’s me…

Version 2

My name is Camari Close, but my friends call me Cam. I am a sophomore double majoring in Marketing and Multimedia Journalism at Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma State has given me so many opportunities: I am currently serving as a Spears School of Business senator for the Student Government Association, through which I also serve as a part of the Oklahoma State Speakers Board. I am an assistant Panhellenic Delegate for my Greek chapter, I am an executive for Oklahoma State’s largest philanthropy, a writer for multiple organizations around campus, and an advocate for the OSU NAACP.

Upon graduation I plan to move to California and work in the marketing industry and if I am lucky, the connections I make through marketing will launch my career in broadcast media. My dream job is to become an E! News reporter, I absolutely love entertainment news. Once I have established myself with E! I plan to begin to make my mark on…Hollywood! I would love to become one of the silver screen’s top black actresses. I know I have a lot a work ahead of me but I am honestly so excited to leave Oklahoma and pursue my dreams! My dad always tells me, “People who have a plan are the people who makes things happen.” But, in the mean time, I am going to keep aspiring to be, “Olitina” (Olivia Pope + Cristina Yang a.k.a. 2 women who, though fictional, are a force to be reckoned with).